Destiny Changers is a Training Program that caters for those who already have a World Changers Mentality. It is a very intense programmed and can be used as a vehicle to great achievements. We guarantee a deep spiritual encounter

Destiny Changers and Big Dreamers, This is a full week seminar designed for those who have dreams beyond their physical means to fund.

The Seminar teaches you how to dream and create a foundation for greatness. It is only for the daring and for those that believe they carry aspirations to make change.

It is also for the daring and for those who can source the funding as prices start at £4000 for the week.

You must be able to travel outside the UK to participate in this program

Word In Season, This portal caters for those who treasure learning each day.

It is an online video portal that delivers key skills useful for work and life.

We call it a daily dose of inspiration and motivation.

Registration is £120 per year..

Power In the Hour, We run 1 hour IT - Driven courses for busy managers and executives. Prices are high as these courses are customized to suit the learners need.

We start at £500 per hour and the sessions are run in a hotel near you or in a board room in the office.

These courses are only for managers and executives who have limited time and can afford it. We only use trainers with a minimum of 15 years in corporate industry and only those with a bias towards excellence.
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