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Partnership Potential offers a FREE complimentary 60 minutes session to demonstrate the power of SharePoint in the enterprise.

Most of the cloud sessions available are short 30 minutes online adhoc sessions booked in a block or scheduled half day sessions for the following courses:

  • Word for the web 2010
  • Excel for the web 2010
  • Access for the web 2010
  • PowerPoint for the web 2010
  • One Note for the web 2010
  • SharePoint for the web 2010
  • Info Path for the web 2010
  • Outlook for the web 2010

  • SharePoint Online Collaboration
  • Slices and pivots in Excel
  • Sections and SmartArts in PowerPoint
  • Automatic weblinks in OneNote
  • Collaboration in Word
  • The power of the Ribbon
  • Lync Online with Video
  • Conducting virtual meetings

30 Minutes

Short and sharp for the busy client. Focused on one skillset within an application. Client data and pratical scenarios used

60 Minutes

Focused on two or more skills and a maximum of two applications as identified by the group. This could be Surveys in SharePoint and Analysis of SharePoint forms in Excel

90 Minutes

Designed to suit a group of people with similar needs. Time may not permit the group to attend individual courses. Therefore 90 minutess spent addressing their specific needs is priceless

Any person using a PC in an office or as a Kiosk worker

Often times we claim to have used Word or Excel for years, but there is a major difference between dressing up for decency and dressing for the part

Attend or book either of our 30 minutes 60 minutes or 90 minutes sessions to find out more.

Why have we chosen to do business this way?

  • We have learnt from the biggest in the FTSE100 list - time is money and FOCUS is everything

  • Pick a skillset like PIVOTS in Excel and we will deliver in 30 minutes

  • We listen to your needs. Pick one in SharePoint and another in PowerPoint and we will deliver in 60 minutes

  • Pick 3 and we will deliver in 90 minutes

  • We make training reflect the business needs and not the outline

This approach distinguishes us from many others. Over the years our consultants have proven that it one of the best methods.

We help provide a better experience through WORKING SMARTER

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