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Testimonials Say it all. It takes changed lives and businesses for some to believe. This is more than a course of Goal Setting or Leadership. It is and experience worth having.

Bernice Langley.
The course is an eye-opener and the coaching sessions linked to it forms a good basis of continuous learning and developments. It also helps with action planning necessary for a changed life.

Macdonald Chinyani.
My salary tells it all. The course helped me to focus and achieve continued high standards of excellence at my place of work. As a direct result, a director in the NHS has written a personal commendation to the Chief executive of the hospital because of my attention to detail and level of excellence as an IT consultant

Margaret Fowler.
Believe it of not, I can now see a new perspective of the bigger picture. I have even started writing a book. A long life dream I had laid to rest. Book your place now!!.

What will you achieve by joining the Goal Setting Skills Class.

A transformed life, business, family, industry, cabinet, relationship is our objective. You will leave with a newly acquired skill set but more importantly you will leave with an experience.

  • Creative & Synthetic Imagination
  • Strategic Planning
  • Goals and priorities
  • Steps for creating a time management plan
  • Listening skills to create increased productivity
  • The Action Syndrome
  • Creating a "Think Space"
  • Building a Master Mind Alliance
  • Personal Vision vs Values
  • Types of Thinking
  • Mental Models

Strategic Goal Setting Master Class.
This experience (Course) is designed for both executive and manager, Doctor and Client, Pastor and flock and for any individual who has chosen to raise the standard of their life, department, business, corporation, cabinet or government.

Who should attend.
If you are interested in developing project management principles, listening skills, goal setting skills, creative thinking, positive imaginative skills and also to take your life, business, family, or cabinet to a new level - then the course is designed for you.

The luxurious Gouman or Hilton Hotel chains are the first choice for public courses but check your booking confirmation. Breakfast and Lunch is catered for.

Many lives have been changed.
Why not book unto a 2 hr Improve Your Life Seminar which forms the prelude to this course.

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